Why I hope Theresa May will prove the men in her party wrong.

Like every drag performance you hope there is a glimmer of excellence from the UK’s Prime Minister but who is making the threatening comments in secret?

Recently a comment to a YouTube post of the late Opera Singer Montserrat Caballé singing O Mio Babbino Caro. It focused on her control and style and was quite technical until the last sentence:

Yas Queen…come thru?!?

It is a truly melancholic performance of the Puccini song and yes, she did come thru’.

“Bring her own noose”

“…knives get heated, stuck in her front and twisted”

There is clearly no shade being thrown here…just Bullingdon boy talk!

I pay myself to think. Youth Worker and former Gender Studies student now writing on LGBTQ culture, social spaces and gender.

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