Dear Democrats,“Do This Sh*t!”

I was channeling Leslie Jones and her appearance on the last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race all through those US election results.

hat a long week for anyone avidly following the American elections. I know for myself it was only a few hours sleep UK time on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I was hooked on the results coming in, waiting for refreshed news and updated ballots. I actually kept my cat from sleeping as I had to get up hourly to recharge my phone. For her, that was new because often, she is the one who keeps me awake if she desires.

“Oh My God You Guys”

Wednesday quickly morphed into four days of scrolling and checking when finally Saturday afternoon most media outlets called Biden & Harris as President-elect and Vice-President-elect. I knew that the incumbent White House resident would not easily concede defeat. That was clear from past campaign rallies and soundbites he had given to anyone who would listen.

For the many who voted Democrat and world allies we celebrated a victory for the many. Certainly not at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping!

“Come on Daughter! Take it off!”

By Sunday, however, the rainbow felt like it was disappearing. Moderate and left Democratic voices spoke on the issues that had ran through but kept under wraps in campaign. Democrats came together to win this election as a collective party. It would have been easier for Republicans to pick up on and use to their advantage the potential cracks. The Republican campaign was more hinged on the personalities of Trump vs Biden than about actual policy matters.

Already it feels that internally in the Democratic Party there is a drive and threat aspect of emotions manifesting. On a win like this and over whom they won it would be hoped we have a period of soothing. Whatever his bluster the current White House resident is now time-limited. What many of us don’t want to see is a fractured Democratic Party this early because, perhaps like many folks, we want some emotional soothing for the end of 2020.

If I could quote again Leslie Jones to Rock M Sakura at the start of the Lip sync with Brita Filter, “Do this Shit! Do This Shit! Because we need this, resident and non-resident supporters of the current Democratic Party, to keep and expand Medicare-For-All and introduce a Green New Deal. Without the internal arguments laid bare. Otherwise, the Republican party will be Brita in that lip sync, blocking and bringing it every move. Because you know their next candidate is not going to be a Republican moderate!

(N.B I am not saying Brita is a Republican, just using an analogy of the situation).

I pay myself to think. Youth Worker and former Gender Studies student now writing on LGBTQ culture, social spaces and gender.

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