Picture of an Agatha Christie novel on a brown table. The cover has a woman in a silk kimono style dressing gown. The woman is standing over the body of a man, presumed dead, in stripped pyjamas on the ground.
Authors own book pictured.

Many man-made distractions, including nap time, were impacting sporadic reading. So I was not going to save my reading year but along came BookTubers and Bookstagram.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Are you going back to work in that office after weeks of home working? Why are you?

There have been a couple of anniversaries/life events which have brought me to reflect on the importance ofChannel 4 to a young, burgeoning ‘homosexual’ like me in the mid 1980s.


I pay myself to think. Youth Worker and former Gender Studies student now writing on LGBTQ culture, social spaces and gender.

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